Thoughts for Summer:

The school year is behind us, and Summer, oh, Summertime stretches before us.

For me, as a Mother, summertime meant a more relaxed schedule … maybe even a freeing ‘no agenda’ schedule.  It meant relaxing in the sun, playing with my girls, enjoying afternoon thunderstorms with a good book in my hands and a cool drink beside me!

Summer also gives most of us a chance to take a deep breath and notice the beauty God created for us to enjoy.  That beauty comes in lots of different packages!

From the deep blue of the sky,

clouds floating lazily overhead,

pool time, beach time,

being surrounded by flowers spanning every color of rainbow,

voices of children having fun outside,

and extra time to spend with friends and with family … God is there!

He is an amazing gift giver and artist, for sure :>)

Take a minute and thank God for the fact that He labors to keep all of these things in existence for us to enjoy.

What warms your heart and gives you joy in the Summer?

19-21 “The Incredibles!” Summer Fun Camp

26-28 “If You Give a Kid a…” Summer Fun Camp

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