The ABC’s of a successful school year:
Ask your child about the best part of their school day.
Be the kind of parent you always wished you’d had.
Congratulate your child for doing well … affirmation is super important.
Discuss classroom activities with your child.
Encourage your child to learn to read by reading to him/her.
Find a quiet place for your child to “read” and relax.
Give your child a nutritious, yummy breakfast to start the day!
Hug your child to build self-worth.
Include your child in making simple decisions.
Join a library with your child … and visit it frequently.
Keep your child on a schedule that includes exercise and sleep.
Limit TV viewing/video game playing as other activities are better suited for 2-5 year olds.
Make the time you spend with your child special.
Notice changes in your child’s behavior and chat with the teacher about them.
Offer to help out in your child’s class … it makes them feel so special.
Provide your child with good role models.
Question the activities your child shares with friends.
Responsibility- building is important to future success.
Share an interest or a hobby with your child.
Take time to listen to your child.
Urge your child to participate in Circle Time.
Visit places of interest with your child.
Work with your child to set up guidelines of behavior.
Xerox and save records or articles about child-rearing and education.
Yield results by encouraging your child to do better.
Zoom through these ABC’s again and again!