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We are pleased to announce that we scored 100% in our 2014-15 VPK school readiness rates!

Hooray VPK!

February Events

Feb. 8-12 Scholastic BOOK FAIR!

Feb. 11 Book Fair open from 6-7 p.m as well as 8:45-3:00

Feb. 11 Valentine Parties (all TTH and TWTh classes)

Feb. 12 Valentine Parties (all M-F and MWF classes)

Feb. 15 NO SCHOOL — President’s Day Feb. 17 Mary Bagby’s birthday

Feb. 24 Sara Ausher’s birthday

Feb. 29 Extra day! It’s Leap Year!!!

March Events

Mar. 3-4 Speech & Hearing Screenings for those who requested them

Mar. 11 Mariadanna Davis’ birthday

Mar. 13 Daylight Savings Time begins

Mar. 17-18 Easter Parties

Mar. 21-28 Spring Break – NO SCHOOL

Mar. 29 Return from Spring Break – Tuesday!

Mar. 31 Kelly Avignone’s birthday

Mar. 31 Nicole Franklin’s birthday